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Friends of YRCC

Quinn serves as the president of Friends of YRCC which provides resources and creates opportunity in the community.

The YRCC is committed to shaping today’s youth for tomorrow’s challenges by providing recreational, educational, and social opportunities.
YRCC was built in 1996 and named in memoriam of former Arkansas Razorbacks Basketball Coach Nolan Richardson’s daughter, Yvonne Richardson, who left the physical earth at the age of 15 following a two year battle with leukemia. Despite, Yvonne’s physical void, the YRCC sought to establish ways in which to honor Yvonne’s life by providing others with the opportunities she was unable to afford. In short, YRCC is focused on providing accessibility and a place to evolve; we pride ourselves on existing as a hub within the community to increase the level of impact gained from those we serve.

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